The Stones of Grandbazaar by Fatoş Altınbaş, a tribute to the jewellery masters who are a part of the 500-year-old Grandbazaar tradition was brought to life after a two-year research process by the academician stemming from her doctorate thesis “Handmade Jewelery Masters in Grandbazaar, A Transformation Story”. The book, photographed by French photographer Chloe Le Drezen, presents the history of the Grandbazaar to the reader from a simple and entertaining perspective with its fairytale-esque flow.

The Stones of Grandbazaar, which draws attention to jewellery that is considered as an amulet against evil for thousands of years and a witness to the beautiful times, as well as to the daily routines of the jewellery masters in the Grandbazaar, sheds light to the exceptional multicultural structure and the unique history that inspires them..

Handmade jewellery manufacturers in Istanbul began to be influential with the construction of the Grandbazaar after the conquest of Istanbul by Fatih Sultan Mehmet and since then, they have never lost their impact in Istanbul in the same region. They have always been one of the most important traditional values of the city, gained an international reputation, and have maintained their fame for centuries.

Inspired from her book, Fatoş Altınbaş decided to create a multifaceted project that aims to introduce the Grandbazaar’s mastery in jewellery and tradition to the World. While The Stones of Grandbazaar focuses on the history and culture behind this rich heritage through various books and art projects, Mevaris is striving to become internationally renowned by supporting artisans as well as young jewellery designers to create precious and unique jewellery masterpieces and providing them a platform to be recognized.

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