Moon Phases

Learning and living life in sync with the lunar phases has a special meaning to women: As we are emotionally and, perhaps, physically, following the same phases. The more attuned we are to these phases and how they affect us, the better we can harness the different energies.

1) New Moon

Blank Page, New Beginnings, Planting Seeds, Unlimited Possibility
Just like its namesake, New Moon Earrings, these mini crescent stud earrings encrusted with single-cut diamonds are perfect for new beginnings and setting intentions.

2) Waxing Crescent - Fresh Energy, Conceptualize, Focus on Detail, Declaration

Signifying the cosmos within us, this ever-glowing multi-strand 18K white gold bracelet is the ultimate source of fresh energy. Through diamond-studded crescent moons and stars, meticulously handcrafted Cosmos Bracelet will make you appreciate the little but important details in life.

3) First Quarter - Momentum, Challenges, Paying Attention, Sending Roots

A ring set with two side by side precious stones - gorgeous Gravity Ring will mesmerise you with its gravitational pull to create momentum while the wing motif with an outer setting traced with diamonds will give you confidence and lightness to face your challenges.

4) Waxing Gibbous - Patience, Edit & Refine, Nurture Your Life

Nurture your life with love and gratitude with this piece. Cast from 18K rose gold with baguette diamond pavé and 0.22 carats of diamond encrusted letter charms, Love Necklace brings the power of words into existence.

5) Full Moon - Peak Energy, Joy & Gratitude, Blessings, Blossoming

A truly delicate and feminine power piece, Freya Ring perfectly represents your intentions blossoming. Traced with brilliant diamonds and adorning two fingers, this ring is an object of desire.

6) Waning Gibbous - Release & Receive, Service, Harvest, Nurture Others

An ode to waning and waxing crescent and gibbous phases, Lunar Bracelet symbolises the Lunar cycle through encrusted diamonds. A balancing act that shows the significance of giving and receiving.

7) Last Quarter - Breakdown, Readjustment, Transition, Forgiveness

Sometimes life brings you full circle to a place you have been before just to show you how much you have grown. Setting on an 18K rose gold asymmetrical link cable chain with encrusted micro-set of diamond chains, Circle Pendant has a circle charm that is halfway traced with brown diamonds.

8) Waning Crescent - Surrender, Rest & Restore, Reflection, Intuition

Surrender to your heart’s desire. Considered to be the organ of supreme universal connection, the third eye is the center of intuition and foresight. Representing this mystical concept through three diamond-studded eye motifs with emerald centres on black diamonds, Awakening charm is the piece to wear during this period.