amor necklace

Dating back to Ancient Egypt, the evil eye is one of the oldest and most common superstitions. The evil eye is a malicious stare, glare, or gaze to someone who is more fortunate than others or who seems to be overflowing in luck. It is believed that the gods and goddesses are punishing those who are proud of their achievements and destroy them with an evil eye, restoring them to the level of mortals. 

No matter the religious or cultural background, the karmic essence of Nazar always remains the same. This sacred symbol mainly promises to keep you safe and fortunate, which are crucial for fulfilling one's dreams. 

The essence of all things that matter in life is captured in the evil eye when you firmly believe in its strength and let its protection guide you on your life journey. We could truly unlock our most authentic self when our mind and soul become fearless, and that happens only if we are feeling absolutely secure and sure of ourselves. 

Our Nazar necklace dazzling with brown diamonds, bestows good luck, fortune, and positivity. Crafted from 18-karat rose gold, this powerful creation keeps the negative energies far and away. DISCOVER