Fatima's Hand

Dating back nearly 2,000 years to Mesopotamia, Fatima's Hand (Hamsa) is an ancient talisman for feminine power often referred to as ‘the healing hand’. The hand is worn as a defense against negative energy, deflecting the gaze of the evil eye away.

The Hamsa can appear in different sizes and shapes, the palm could be pointing upwards or downwards. The center of the palm is very often decorated with other symbols, especially the eye.

Nowadays, we seek out more protective defense mechanisms than before as we willingly expose our lives to a higher degree and reveal our successes and good fortune through social media. And we also need to believe in some higher source or spiritual power.

Coming in 18 K rose gold or white gold, our Fatima necklace brings more goodness, health, luck, fertility, and abundance into your life. The center of the palm has a baguette surrounded by a mini diamond-studded heart to give you some ground in your life and better the connection with your inner self.