Sirius Necklace

As human beings, our nature of identity is twofold. Human is who we are on the level of form with a body and mind. 
These two make up our conditioned self. Being, on the other hand, represents the essence of who we are as timeless, unconditioned consciousness.
Human and being or form and essence, are not separate. And being emanates from the Universal Source of all life. 
As we are all connected to the same source and can never be separate from it, just as a ray of sunlight cannot be separate from the Sun but always remain connected with it.
Over the past couple of years, human evolution is undergoing a shift rather profound. A new dimension of consciousness has arisen. Your sense of self shifts from identification with your mental positions and narratives to the alive presence within you, which is consciousness itself. In a nutshell, you realize the being behind the human. Something that transcends your conditioned personality begins to emerge with the realization that the power that fuels and binds all of the Universe is not an outside intelligence.
Named after the brightest star in the night sky, Sirius's necklace with a baguette heart in the center strengthens the connection between you and the Universe. Awakening your inner goddess while aligning the inner you with the outer you. Once you realize your true potential, you will be manifesting everything that you ever dreamed of.