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  • Top 5 New And Noteworthy

    Reinterpreting ancient talismans in modern glamour, these 5 pieces will bring luck, prosperity and good fortune to the wearer. The statement jewellery to buy for yourself or as a gift to your loved ones. 1) Nazar Modern Bracelet A bold bracelet with an evil eye motif. Made from 18-karat rose gold... View Post
  • Sirius Necklace

    These two make up our conditioned self. Being, on the other hand, represents the essence of who we are as timeless, unconditioned consciousness.

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  • Fatima's Hand

    Dating back nearly 2,000 years to Mesopotamia, Fatima's Hand (Hamsa) is an ancient talisman for feminine power often referred to as ‘the healing hand’. The hand is worn as a defense against negative energy, deflecting the gaze of the evil eye away.

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